Схема дизайну медалі Чемпіонату світу з настільного тенісу в Ченду (малюнок)

  Medals are one of the important components of sports events. They are proofs and awards for the winners at all levels of competitions. They are an important carrier to promote the spirit of sports and highlight the cultural characteristics of the host city. The Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships medal design is based on the characteristics of previous World Table Tennis Championships medals, combined with the relevant requirements of the ITTF and the China Table Tennis Association, with the concept of innovative creativity, sports vitality, Chinese civilization, and Chengdu imprint, and related work is carried out from the dimensions of competition project characteristics, city image, international communication, and Tianfu cultural expression.

  The medal design emphasizes the dissemination of Tianfu culture on the basis of showing the characteristics of the event. Taking the Chengdu city business card panda as the main design element, and in response to the competition requirements of green, low-carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, the medals are made of zinc alloy materials that meet international environmental protection requirements.

  Love·Panda Medal Design Concept

  The design starts from the three dimensions of city business card, traditional culture, and sports elements. The overall structure is simple and elegant, with international and traditional Chinese design aesthetics, and also has the characteristics of the city and competition projects. The overall design takes the panda as the core, combined with the traditional Chinese jade pendant for graphic evolution, implying complete auspiciousness; at the same time, referring to the structural design inspiration of jade pendant, the table tennis racket and table tennis figure are cleverly embedded in the medal structure with the help of the traditional Chinese structure positive and negative figures. The embedded table tennis racket profile makes the medal present the image of a panda hugging a table tennis racket. With the combination of panda ears and table tennis ball, the panda and table tennis ball are innovatively integrated. The panda's love for table tennis implies every athlete's love and pursuit of table tennis, and cleverly shows the design concept of national treasure loving national ball.

  According to the requirements of the ITTF and the Chinese Table Tennis Association, the front and back of the medal present the name of the competition, ITTF logo, project name, host city and other textual content.

Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships Medal Design Scheme (Figure)

  medal front


behind the medal

Special metalproducts

  Medal renderings

  ribbon design design concept

  In order to ensure the unity of the visual image of the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships, the ribbon has been mutated with the orange-red main color of the VI theme color of the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships, supplemented by Chinese red with auspicious meaning. The shading of the ribbon is based on the hibiscus flower, the logo of this tournament, as the main design element. According to the requirements of the ITTF and the China Table Tennis Association, the full name of the tournament in Chinese and English is shown on the left and right sides of the ribbon.

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